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The design of the power supply system must not only comply with industry standards and design specifications, but also consider economy, safety, and better technical requirements. The selection of electrical equipment should be based on whether the entire system achieves the best configuration, and is not limited to the characteristics of each equipment. For example, for the selection of power distribution cabinets and transformers, the matching of equipment should be considered. Will be selected as a whole, not individually.
SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchgear sets a new benchmark for power distribution and motor control centers (MCC) in the industrial and infrastructure sectors. The switchgear system up to 7000A can provide safe and stable power distribution, ensuring the safety of personnel and systems to a greater extent. Thanks to the modular technology adopted, SIVACON S8 switchgear can greatly meet every requirement in the entire system design. The high degree of safety and design make it a more cost-effective solution.


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2020 -06

A total of 9 teams from various departments participated in the competition. After nearly an hour of fierce competition, the first, second, and third prizes and gold medal player awards were finally produced.


2020 -03

On December 12, Zhenjiang Siemens invited professional lecturers from Shanghai Enterprise Security Environmental Protection Company to conduct EHS (environment, health, safety) professional knowledge and internal trainer training.


2019 -11

On November 25, the 29th Zhenjiang Siemens Board of Directors was held in Yangzhong. Xu Xiang, President of Daquan Group of Chinese Directors, Ge Fei, Executive President, Supervisors Shi Dafeng, Foreign Directors Siemens Stephan May, Liang Qianmin, Supervisors Dirk Rode, and the joint venture company’s Chinese and foreign directors The manager and deputy general manager attended the meeting.


2019 -11

The 12th Shanghai International Electric Power Exhibition was grandly held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Zhenjiang Siemens presented its new LI-intensive busway system for the first time in China.


2019 -10

In order to enhance the company's cohesion, cultivate team spirit, and enhance the sense of belonging and mission of new employees, on October 26, Zhenjiang Siemens launched a cross-country activity for new and old employees with the theme of "Unending Skills

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